Importing photos to the PS3™ system

You can view the photos that are saved in the system storage of the PS3™ system simply by starting Photo Gallery. If you have not saved any photos in the system storage, import photos that are saved on a digital camera or storage media to the system storage to use with Photo Gallery.

To import photos, connect your digital camera or a USB adaptor (with storage media inserted) to the PS3™ system using a USB cable. Use the left stick to select the digital camera icon that is displayed, and then press the ecks button. Follow the on-screen instructions to import the photos to the system storage.


  • Imported photos can also be viewed under (Photo) in the XMB™(XrossMediaBar) screen.
  • You cannot export photos to storage media when using Photo Gallery. To export photos, quit Photo Gallery and go to (Photo) in the XMB™ screen.
  • It may not be possible to import photos from some digital cameras and storage devices.
  • Take care not to infringe the intellectual property of others.