About parties

You can use (Party) to voice chat and text chat with your Friends and fellow players. You can use (Party) while using a game or other application. You can also join a game if a Friend is playing it while chatting with you.

The party owner and players who can join


The person who creates a party becomes the owner.

  • When the owner leaves a party, one of the remaining players becomes the owner and the party can continue.
  • The owner can kick out players from the party. Select the player you want to kick out, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Kick Out].

Players who can join a party

When creating the party, the owner sets which players can join the party.

  • Friends of Friends
    Friends of players in the party can join the party freely. Players in the party can invite other players.
  • Invited Players Only
    Only players that the owner invites can join the party. A player who has joined the party can recommend another player to the owner.
  • You can participate in a party by using a PS4™ system, PS Vita system or PS Vita TV system.
  • If sub account users are restricted by parental controls, they can be invited to a party but cannot join it.
  • Up to 8 people can join a party.