Joining a party

You can create a party or join another player's party.

Creating a new party

Select (Party) from the function screen.
Select [Create Party].
Enter a name for the party, and then specify whether the party is public or private.
Select [Create Party].
If you set a checkmark in [Make This Party Private] in step 3, select the players you want to invite on the screen that is displayed, and then select [Send Invitation]. If you did not set a checkmark in [Make This Party Private], wait for a player to join, or select (Invite) to invite players.

Joining another player's party

Parties that you can currently join appear when you select (Party) from the function screen. Select the party you want to join.

  • If you press the button, you can see a list of parties sorted by the games that members of the parties are playing.
  • You can see the players who have joined the party by pressing the button.