Viewing the party screen

What you can do in a party
Invite/Suggest You can invite other players, or suggest other players for the party owner to invite.
Chat Audio: Prioritize Party You can adjust the setting for whether audio from the party or audio from in-game chat is enabled. Only the chat audio that you set can be input and output.
This item is displayed only when you have joined a party and you are also participating in in-game chat.
Chat Audio: Prioritize Game
Adjust Audio Mix You can adjust the mix of the chat audio from a party and the audio from games or the system. This is useful for making the audio from a party easier to hear.
View Other Parties You can verify if there are other parties you can join. If you join another party or create a new party, you will leave the party that you are currently in.
Leave This Party You can leave the party that you are currently in.
B )
The status of your connection with other players
Voice chat enabledVoice chat is available.
Chatting with voice
Voice chat disabled You cannot communicate with the other player, and cannot use voice chat.
Muted The other player's voice is muted. The player cannot hear your voice either.
To mute or unmute a player's voice, highlight the player and press the OPTIONS button.
Chatting with voice in a gameThe other player is chatting in a game. This other player cannot hear the audio chat from the party, and the party cannot hear the voice of this player.
  • Select a player to view his or her profile. For details on viewing the profile screen, see "Viewing a Friend's profile".
  • You can report inappropriate messages by selecting the message you want to report, pressing the OPTIONS button, and then selecting [Submit Grief Report].
C )
Your microphone status
Microphone onThe microphone is enabled.
Chatting with voice
Microphone not connected The microphone is not connected.
Muted The microphone is muted. Other players cannot hear your voice.
To mute or unmute your microphone, highlight your own player name and press the OPTIONS button.
Chatting with voice in a game You are chatting in a game. You cannot hear the audio from the party, and the party cannot hear your voice.
To switch the party audio, select (Chat Audio: Prioritize Party).
D )
(Join Session)
This icon appears if you can join the game your Friend is playing. Highlight the player whose game you want to join, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Join Session] to view the details of the session before you join.
  • For voice input, use a headset or the microphones on a PlayStation®Camera.
  • If a headset and a PlayStation®Camera are both connected to the system, only the headset's microphone is enabled.
  • If a checkmark is set in (Settings) > [Devices] > [PlayStation®Camera] > [Mute Microphone], that setting is prioritized.