What's on the party screen

A )
Party name/number of players who have joined
When the party is private, (Private) will appear. For Community parties, the Community name and image are also displayed.
B )
Your microphone status
Microphone on The microphone is enabled.
Active voice chat
Microphone not connected The microphone is not connected.
Muted The microphone is muted. Other players cannot hear your voice.
To mute or unmute your microphone, highlight your name and press the OPTIONS button.
In-game voice chat In-game chat is enabled. You cannot hear the audio from the party, and the party cannot hear your voice.
To switch to party audio, select [Party Settings] > [Chat Audio].
C )
(Invite)/ (Suggest Players)
You can invite other players or suggest other players for the party owner to invite. When you're the owner, you can view suggestions from other players displayed with (New).
D )
(Play Together)
You can start a new game session or join a game session that already exists.

The number of players who can join Play Together varies depending on the game. If there are too many players in your party for Play Together, select the checkbox for players to send an invitation to.

E )
(Share Play)
You can start Share Play as a host, or join Share Play as a visitor. The remaining time for Share Play appears while it is in use, and the players using Share Play are displayed in (Share Play).
For details about Share Play, see "Sharing your gameplay".
F )
(View Other Parties)
You can view parties you can join. If you join another party or create a new party, you'll leave the party you're currently in.
G )
(Party Settings)
Adjust Microphone Level You can adjust the audio input level.
Adjust Audio Mix You can adjust the relative volume of audio from a party and the audio from games or from the system. This setting is useful for making the audio from a party easier to hear.
Chat Audio You can disable audio from a party or in-game chat. Only the chat audio that you set can be heard.
This setting appears only when you've joined a party and you're also chatting in-game.
Allow Your Voice to Be Shared You can block your chat audio from broadcasts shared by other users in your party.
For details about broadcasts, see "Broadcasting your gameplay".
Video Quality for Share Play Sets the resolution and frame rate when you join Share Play as a host.
This setting is available only on some PS4™ systems.
Frame Rate for Share Play Sets the frame rate when you join Share Play as a host.
This setting is available only on some PS4™ systems.
H )
(Player Limit)
You can change the number of party members.
I )
(Leave This Party)
Leave the party.
J )
(Add to Friends)
Send a Friend request.
K )
The status of your connection with other players


Voice chat enabled Voice chat is available.


Active voice chat


Voice chat disabled You cannot communicate with the other player, and cannot use voice chat.
Muted The other player’s voice is muted. The player cannot hear your voice either.
To mute or unmute a player’s voice, highlight the player and press the OPTIONS button.
In-game voice chat in a game The other player is chatting in a game. This player cannot hear the audio chat from the party, and the party cannot hear the voice of this player.
This icon appears next to a player who is engaged in live communication with other players. If one of these players leaves the party, you will no longer be able to communicate with anyone you’re connected to through the player who has left the party.
L )
This appears when a new message is added to text chat. Press the button to display the text chat.
M )
This appears to players in the broadcast. You can view a player’s broadcast by selecting the player and selecting [Watch Broadcast].
N )
(Join Session)
This appears when you can join the game the player is playing. You can view details by selecting the player and selecting [Join Session].
  • Some items can also be selected from [Party] on the quick menu.
  • To report inappropriate text chats, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Report].