Bluetooth Devices

When you select [Devices] > [Bluetooth Devices], the system automatically searches for nearby Bluetooth® devices. Registered (paired) devices and devices that have been found appear.

For details on supported devices, contact customer support in your country or region.

A )
Device icon
The type of Bluetooth® device is indicated with an icon.
DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller or other controller
PlayStation®Move motion controller
Cell phone, smartphone
Remote Control
B )
Connection status
The connection status of registered Bluetooth® devices is displayed.
Lighted up Connected
Turned off Not connected

Registering a Bluetooth® device

To connect a Bluetooth® device, you must first register (pair) the Bluetooth® device with the system.
Select the Bluetooth® device you want to connect, and then enter the passkey to complete registration. Some devices do not require a passkey. Follow the screens that are displayed to perform operations.

  • Some devices such as the controller and motion controller are registered by connecting them with a USB cable.
  • If the number of Bluetooth® devices that can be registered is exceeded, delete any unnecessary devices from the list of registered devices. Select the device you want to delete, and then select [Delete].
  • For details on how to use a Bluetooth® device, refer to the instructions supplied with the device you use.

Connecting a Bluetooth® device

Select the Bluetooth® device you want to connect, and then follow the screens.

The number of Bluetooth® devices you can connect at the same time depends on the Bluetooth® devices.