Enable Remote Play

To prevent a PS Vita system or PS TV system from connecting to the PS4™ system using Remote Play, remove the checkmark from [Remote Play Connection Settings] > [Enable Remote Play]. For details on how to connect, refer to the PS Vita system's user's guide or the PS TV system's user's guide.

Connect Directly with PS Vita/PS TV

When this setting is checked, a PS Vita system or PS TV system can connect to the PS4™ system without using an access point.

  • Remote Play can also be used with an Xperia™ Smartphone or Xperia™ Tablet.
  • This setting is applied to all users on the PS4™ system. You can also connect by using Remote Play while other users are logged in to the PS4™ system.
  • When using Remote Play, the connected device displays the same screen as on the PS4™ system. Users can press the PS button to display their home screen.