Sub Account Management

This item is displayed to master account holders only. You can create or view sub accounts, and change the use restrictions separately for each of them.

Create New Sub Account

Select [Parental Controls] > [Sub Account Management] > [Create New Sub Account], and then follow the screens to create a new sub account.

Viewing and changing use restrictions

Select [Parental Controls] > [Sub Account Management], and then select a sub account.

Restricting the use of features

If you select [Parental Controls], you can adjust settings for the following items.

  • Chat/Message
    Set whether to allow use of PlayStation™Network communication features. You can restrict use of the following features by setting [Block]:
    • Joining a chat in a game.*
    • Sending and receiving messages in games.* (This setting does not apply to messages with preset phrases that cannot be edited by players.)
    • Joining a (Party).
    • Sending and receiving messages in (Messages).
    • Displaying and entering comments for Friend requests and game invitations.
    If multiple users are logged in to a single PS4™ system and playing the same game, and one or more of those users is restricted, chat and messaging features cannot be used in that game.
  • User-Generated Media
    Set whether to allow the viewing and sharing of user-generated video and pictures. When this setting is enabled, starting (Live from PlayStation) or sharing gameplay is restricted.
  • Content Restriction
    Normally, content in PlayStation®Store that is not appropriate for the age of a registered account holder is not displayed. If this setting item is displayed, you can disable this restriction by selecting [Off].
  • Monthly Spending Limit
    You can set the maximum amount of money that each sub account user can spend per month in PlayStation®Store.

Changing the password

If you select [Sub Account Password], the sub account user's password for signing in to PlayStation™Network can be changed.

  • The items that can be viewed and changed vary depending on the country or region. For details, contact customer support in your country or region.
  • You can upgrade a sub account to a master account when the sub account user becomes old enough to create a master account. Log in as a sub account user, and then select (Settings) > [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Upgrade Your Account].