Parental Controls Items that you can restrict

You can restrict use of the following items. Select (Parental Controls) > [Start], enter your passcode to display a screen, and then select the items you want to restrict.


You can allow or disallow starting of (Browser), (PS Store), and (Email). You can also allow or disallow the use of location data, and you can block the display of objectionable websites. For details on blocking objectionable websites, see "Browser settings".


You can restrict the use of games and videos that have parental controls.
In addition to [Off], your system can be set to one of eleven levels. The lower the number, the tighter the restriction.
The following chart helps you gauge your system's level as it corresponds to your child's age level.

Your system's level Your child's age (approximate guide)
1 0~
2 3~
3 6~
4 10~
5 12~
6 -
7 15~
8 15~*1
9 18~
10 -
11 -
North America/Central and South America

You can get information on the age rating labels for games and videos from the following website.

Parental control levels matrix

Whether a game or video can be used is determined by the combination of the level set on your system and the level of the game or video. For example, to restrict playback of a game or video that has a parental control level ("A" in the chart below) of [4] or higher, adjust the parental control level of your system ("D" in the chart below) to [3].

A )
Parental control levels of games or videos
The higher the number, the tighter the restriction.
B )
Indicates that the use of content is restricted.
C )
Indicates that the use of content is allowed.
D )
Parental control levels on your system
The lower the number, the tighter the restriction.

In order to change the settings to a more restrictive level, you must close all the applications in use.

You can use the following methods to verify the parental control level of games or videos.

  • For games
    Touch and hold the home screen to enter edit mode. Select a game icon, and then select [Information].
    On a game with parental control restrictions, the restriction level appears in the [Parental Controls] field.
  • For videos
    In the (Video) application, select (Information) for the content in the list that you want to verify. On content with parental control restrictions, the restriction level appears in the [Parental Controls] field.

Play Duration

You can restrict the duration that your child plays per day.
With this restriction, when the daily play duration that you set is exceeded, the system cannot be used. A message indicating this is displayed on the screen. To increase the duration your child can play for today only, select [Change for Today], and then enter your passcode to proceed.

To verify the remaining duration, you can refer to the following areas

  • The notification messages displayed in the upper left corner of the screen
    Messages are displayed 30, 15, and 5 minutes before the daily play duration will be exceeded.
  • The LiveArea™ screen for (Parental Controls)
  • The quick menu displayed when you press and hold the PS button

About PlayStation™Network

PlayStation™Network lets you expand your enjoyment of your system. After you create Sony Entertainment Network account and sign in to PlayStation™Network, you can chat in games, purchase games at PlayStation®Store, and enjoy other features. To restrict these features, adjust settings under (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation™Network] > [Sub Account Management]. For details, see "Sub Account Management".

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