PS4 Link About the second screen feature

When playing a game on the PS4™ system that supports the second screen feature, you can use your system for things such as displaying information related to the game on the PS4™ system or entering text. Connect to your system by using a wireless access point.

Preparing for first-time use

Before using this feature, your system and the PS4™ system must be able to connect to the same network.

Registering (pairing) a device

You can register up to 10 PS4™ systems with your system for use with the second screen feature. If you try to register more than 10 for use with the second screen feature, the PS4™ system that you have not connected to for the longest time will be automatically removed from the list.

On the PS4™ system's function screen, select (Settings) > [Remote Play Connection Settings] > [Add Device].
A number appears on the PS4™ system's screen.
On your system, select (PS4 Link) > [Start] > [Second Screen].
Enter the number displayed on the PS4™ system's screen, and then select [Register].
When registration is complete, the PS4™ system's screen is displayed on your system.

Using the second screen feature

On your system, select (PS4 Link) > [Start] > [Second Screen].
If multiple PS4™ systems are registered, a screen for selecting the PS4™ system is displayed. Select the PS4™ system to connect to.

If you are using the second screen feature and then you change to a different application, the connection to the PS4™ system is closed if you do not change back within 1 minute.

Using the screens

A )
Select this icon when entering text on the PS4™ system to display the keyboard and use your system to enter text.
B )
(Remote control)
Select this icon to display operational buttons on the screen. You can use them to operate the PS4™ system.
C )
(Close the connection)
The connection to the PS4™ system is closed.

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