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Remote play menu

If you press the PS button (HOME button) on the PSP™ system during remote play, the menu will be displayed.

Menu items

The menu items that are available on the PSP™ system vary depending on the version of the system software in use.

PS button Perform the same operations as the PS button on the wireless controller. *1
Quit Remote Play Quit remote play.

Quit and Turn Off the PS3™ System: Quit remote play, and then turn off the PS3™ system.

Quit Without Turning Off the PS3™ System: Quit remote play and leave the PS3™ system turned on. Select this option if you are using your PS3™ system to copy files, or to perform background downloading and other tasks that require you to keep your system on.
Settings Adjust settings related to the PSP™ system's buttons.

Assign Buttons: Use the PSP™ system's buttons in the same way as the buttons of the PS3™ system's wireless controller. Select one of two assignment types.

Communication Settings: Set the response speed of the PSP™ system buttons. Select one of five levels that combine response speed with image quality, or select [Custom]. *2
Connection Status Set to display the remote play connection status.

Operations in which the PS button is pressed for at least 2 seconds are not supported.


Although setting [Response Speed] and [Image Quality] to the maximum level will yield a faster response speed and better image quality, the image or audio may become distorted.

Network > Remote play menu