How to use this guide

This guide contains detailed information related to the use of the PS3™ system software. For information on hardware functions and product safety, refer to the documentation supplied with the system.

Notes on viewing the guide

It is recommended that the guide be viewed under the following conditions:

Navigating the guide using the PS3™ system

Use the basic functions below when viewing the guide from the PS3™ system's (Internet Browser).

Directional buttons Move the pointer to a link.
Cross button Open the link.
Right stick Scroll in any direction.
L1 button Go back to the previous page.

You can use the following method to zoom the display.

Push down the R3 button (right stick) Use zoom display. / Clear zoom display.
Hold down the L2 button / R2 button during zoom Enlarge display. / Reduce display.
Hold down the Circle button during zoom Clear zoom display.

Explanation of button references in the guide

The PS3™ system buttons used for entering and cancelling items vary depending on the region and product. As a convention, English and other European language versions of this guide use Cross for entering an item and Circle for cancelling an item, while other language versions use Circle for entering and Cross for cancelling.

Printing the guide

You can print the guide using a PC. By following the steps below you can print multiple pages at once.


Use Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer to display the [Manual Index] of this guide.


From the Internet Explorer file menu, select [Print].


Select the [Options] tab, and then select the checkbox for [Print all linked documents] to print the guide.
Depending on the printer, the printed output may not follow the order of the [Manual Index].