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Basic operation of the Internet browser

Viewing the screen

Internet Browser screen. Labeled 1 through 7 starting from the top left.


Page title


Page address


SSL icon
This icon is displayed when viewing pages that support SSL.


Busy icon
This icon is displayed when loading pages.


Browser security icon
This icon is displayed when the Web filtering service is active.


Link target address
This is displayed when the pointer is placed over content containing a link.


Use the left stick to move the pointer in any direction. / Use the directional buttons to move the pointer from link to link.

Scrolling methods

Directional buttons Move the pointer to a link.
Square button + directional button Scroll by page.
Right stick Scroll in the desired direction.

Using the menu

Pressing the Triangle button will display the menu, where you can perform various operations and settings. The menu can be displayed or hidden by pressing the Triangle button. Menu items differ in browse mode and window mode.

Entering an address (URL)

When you press the START button, a keyboard will be displayed so that you can enter an address. If you select Enter after entering an address, the keyboard will close and the page associated with the entered address will open.

Copying text

You can copy text from a page in the Internet browser.


Use the left stick to move the pointer to the location of the text that you want to copy, and then press the Cross button.


Hold down the Cross button and move the left stick of the controller to select the text.


Release the Cross button at the end of the text that you want to copy.


Select [Copy] from the menu that is displayed.


  • You can paste the text you have copied using the [Paste] button of the on-screen keyboard.
  • If you select [Search] in step 4, you can perform an Internet search using the copied text as the keyword.

Printing a Web page

To use this feature, you must first set up a printer by selecting (Settings) > [Printer Settings] > [Printer Selection].


Open the Web page that you want to print, and then press the Triangle button.


Select [File] > [Print This Screen].


Check the print settings.
You can press the Triangle button to display the options menu and change the print settings or the number of copies to be printed. The items that can be set vary depending on the printer in use.


Select [Print].
The page is printed.


Printers that can be used vary depending on the country or region. For more information, visit the SIE Web site for your region.

Opening multiple windows

You can open multiple windows at the same time. With the pointer placed on the link, press and hold down the Cross button until the link opens in a different window.

Network > Basic operation of the Internet browser