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Browse mode menu


Change the manner in which the page is displayed.

Zoom / Clear Zoom Automatically enlarge to optimal size or cancel enlargement of the area on the screen where the pointer is located.

The optimum enlargement ratio is automatically calculated based on the content type in the area where the pointer is located.
Maximum Size / Standard Size Expand the window to display across the entire screen. / View the window in its original size.
Character Size Change the size of the text.

Text can be displayed in five different sizes.
Character Encoding Assign the character encoding.

In most cases, character encoding is determined automatically and does not need to be assigned.


On some pages, character size cannot be changed and character encoding cannot be assigned.


Set the conditions for opening pages and delete data saved in the system storage.

Cookies Allow: Always allow cookies to be saved.

Block: Always deny cookies from being saved.
JavaScript On: Use JavaScript.

Off: Do not use JavaScript.
Display Area Full Pixel: Set to display the window at the full display area of the TV screen size. *1

Standard Size: Set to decrease window size by 5%.

-1: Set to decrease window size by 10%.

-2: Set to decrease window size by 15%.
Resolution Change the Web page display resolution.

Adjust Web pages for easier viewing by matching the video output resolution of the PS3™ system.
Flicker Reduction On: Suppress flickering in on-screen elements that exhibit flickering such as text, images and lines.

Off: Disable the flicker reduction feature.

This is effective for suppressing screen flicker for an interlaced display. Set [On] when a resolution such as 1080i is selected for the video output setting of the PS3™ system. Setting [Off] will improve the picture quality for a progressive display such as 1080p or 720p.
Confirm Browser Close On: Set to display a confirmation message when closing (Internet Browser).

Off: Set to close without displaying a confirmation message.
Home Page Set the page that is displayed when starting (Internet Browser) or selecting (Home) from the menu.

If you check [Restore Window at Browser Start], the page that was open when the browser closed will be displayed the next time the browser is started.
Delete Cookies Delete cookies.
Delete Search History Delete search history information.
Delete Cache Delete cache.
Delete Authentication Information Delete authentication information.
Discontinue Browser Security Discontinue use of Web filtering services. *2

To change this setting, you must enter a password. For details on passwords, see (Settings) > (Security Settings) > [Change Password] in this guide.

The top and bottom portions of the picture may be cut off if [Full Pixel] is set when using a standard TV.


The types of Web filtering services that are available vary depending on the country or region.

Window List

Switch to window mode.


Perform an Internet search using a keyword or phrase.


Address Entry Enter an address.
Open in New Window Open the link the pointer is placed on in another window.
Close Window Close opened windows.
Save Image Save the picture the image is on to the system storage or to storage media.*
Save Target Save linked content that you select with the pointer to the system storage or to storage media. *
Copy Address of This Page Copy the address of the page that is currently displayed.
Copy Address of This Link Copy the address of the link over which the pointer is placed.
Add to Bookmarks Add the link over which the pointer is placed to your bookmarks.
Print This Screen Print the screen that is being displayed.

To use this feature, you must first set up a printer by selecting (Settings) > (Printer Settings) > [Printer Selection].
Save Screenshot Save the screen that is being displayed as an image.

The screenshot will be stored under (Photo).
Page Information View the title or address of the opened page.
Display Certificate View server certificates sent from pages that support SSL.

An appropriate USB adaptor (not included) is required to use storage media with some models of the PS3™ system.


View the previously opened page.


View the page opened before performing the (Back) operation.

Refresh / Cancel

Update the opened page with the latest content. / Stop the page from loading.


View the page set as the home page.


Add favorite pages as bookmarks. Bookmarks can be opened from [My Bookmarks].

My Bookmarks Add the Web page as a bookmark and view a list of saved bookmarks.
PlayStation®3 View the Sony Interactive Entertainment Web site.


The bookmark list is arranged in chronological order, with the most recently added bookmarks displayed first.

Browser Security

Use a Web filtering service to check the type and appropriateness of Web sites and automatically block the display of inappropriate Web sites when using the Internet.

i-Filter for PS3™ *1 Display the [i-Filter for PS3™] service provider's Web site.*2
Trend Micro™ for PS3™ Display the [Trend Micro™ for PS3™] service provider's Web site. *2

This feature is only available on PS3™ systems sold in Japan.


Fees may apply to the use of Web filtering services.


Pages that have been opened are automatically saved as history. The titles of pages that have previously been opened are displayed in a list and can be opened simply by selecting from the list without entering the address.


Pages are arranged in chronological order, with the most recently opened pages displayed first.


Exit (Internet Browser).

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