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Viewing profiles

To use this feature, you may be required to update the system software.

You can view your profile or the profile of a Friend. To see a Friend's profile, select the Friend's avatar.

Profile screen. Labeled 1 through 3 starting from the top.


Status display
The avatar and current status are displayed.




Control panel


For more information on status displays, see (Friends) > [Friends list] > [Checking status] in this guide.

Viewing information on a profile screen

In a profile, you can view information such as trophy progress, the number of trophies earned for each grade and detailed information about your Friends. You can cycle through the information by pressing the L1 or R1 button.

Information on a profile screen. Labeled 1 through 3 starting from the top left.


Recently earned trophies


Current level and progress toward the next level
The level increases as more trophies are earned.


Total number of earned trophies

Using the control panel under [Profile]

While viewing a profile, you can perform various operations using the control panel. Icons that are displayed on the control panel vary depending on the Friend's status.

Menu (game title) View a list of actions that can be performed in the game that is being played.
Add a Friend Send a request to add someone to your Friends list.
Message List View a list of messages that you have exchanged with the Friend.
Create Message Create a new message.
Compare Trophies Compare your trophy progress with a Friend's status.
Start New Chat Start a chat.
Reply to Friend Request Open the message requesting to add as a Friend and send a reply.
Add to Block List Add a Friend to your block list.
Delete from Block List Delete a Friend from your block list.


  • The control panel cannot be hidden.
  • The control panel is not shown when you are viewing your own profile.

Changing the background color/colour for your profile screen

Select the upper left tab on the profile screen, and then press the Cross button to display the color/colour palette. Select the background color/colour for your profile screen from the palette.


You cannot change the background color/colour for other people's profile screens.

Comparing earned trophy status with friends


Under (Friends), select the avatar of the Friend whose earned trophy status you want to compare.
The Friend's [Profile] screen is displayed.


Select (Compare Trophies) in the control panel.
The trophy progress for each game is displayed for you and your Friend.


Select a game.
The trophy progress for the game is displayed for you and your Friend.

Friends > Friends list > Viewing profiles