Friends > Message Box > Creating or sending messages

Creating or sending messages

To use this feature, you may be required to update the system software.

You can create and send messages to people who have online IDs registered for use with PSNSM. You must be signed in to PSNSM to create and send messages.


Select (Friends) > (Message Box).


Select (Create Message).


Select [To].
Select [Select from Friends], or select [Enter Online ID] in which case you will need to type in the online ID of the person whom you want to send to.


Type a message, and then select [Send].
Your message is sent. You can check the messages that you sent under (Friends) > (Message Box) > (Sent).


  • You cannot send or receive messages using standard e-mail addresses.
  • An online ID is registered when you create (sign up for) a Sony Entertainment Network account. Before sending a message, ask the person you want to send a message to for his or her online ID.
  • You can enter up to 18 characters in a title and up to 512 characters in the body of a message.
  • You can use emoticons by selecting Insert symbol or emoticon from the keyboard when creating a message.
  • You can save up to 200 sent messages. After you reach this limit, your oldest message will be automatically deleted each time you send a new message.

Attaching files

If you select (Attach) from the message creation screen, you can attach a (Photo) image file.


  • You cannot attach files larger than 3 MB.
  • You can only attach one file at a time.
  • To cancel attaching a file, select the file, press the Triangle button, and then select [Cancel Attachment] from the options menu.

Friends > Message Box > Creating or sending messages