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Using the information board

The information board is always displayed on the XMB™ screen and displays the latest news about games or the latest information about PlayStation®Store.


  • To display the news, the PS3™ system must be set to connect to the Internet. For details about network settings, see (Settings) > (Network Settings) > [Internet Connection Settings] in this guide.
  • The display position or character size of the information board cannot be changed.
  • The design of the information board is subject to change without notice. The design may also vary depending on the country or region.

Displaying detailed news information


Select (Information Board) from (Network).
A list of news items will be displayed.


Selecting a country or region
If you press the button, the screen for selecting a country or region will be displayed. The news that is distributed varies depending on the country or region that is selected. The button for selecting the country or region is not displayed on PS3™ systems that are sold in Japan or Korea.


Select the heading for the news item that you want more details about, and then press the button.
Detailed news information is displayed.


Returning to the list of news items
Use the button to return to the list.


Linking to a Web site
Use the button to start (Internet Browser) and display a Web site.
This option is not displayed for a news item that does not have a link to a Web site.

Setting to not display the information board

Select (Information Board) from (Network), and then press the button. Then select [Do Not Display] from the options menu.


To display the information board again, select the icon again, press the button, and then select [Display] from the options menu.

Network > Using the information board