Music > Using the control panel

Using the control panel

Perform various operations using the on-screen control panel. The control panel can be displayed or hidden by pressing the Triangle button.

Volume Control

Adjust the volume output level of content played under (Music). You can select one of nine levels.


The sound may become distorted if the volume output level is set too high. If this happens, lower the volume output level.

Visual Player

Select one of multiple backgrounds to be displayed during content playback.


You cannot change Visual Player backgrounds when (Photo) or (Internet Browser) content is displayed.

Add to Playlist

Add content that is playing to a playlist.


Only music files that have been saved in the system storage can be added to a playlist.


Delete content that is playing.


Only music files that have been saved in the system storage can be deleted.


View status and other information during playback. Information items vary depending on the content being played.

Status/information display while playing music. Labeled 1 through 8 starting from the left.


Control panel


Status icon


Track icon


Artist name / album name


Track name


Track elapsed time / total time




Track number / total number of tracks


Go back to the beginning of the current or previous track.


Go to the beginning of the next track.

Fast Reverse / Fast Forward

Fast forward or fast reverse the content being played. If you press and hold down the Cross button, the content will be fast forwarded or fast reversed as long as you hold down the button.


Start playback of content.


Temporarily pause playback.


Stop playback.


Play content repeatedly. You can select one of three repeat modes by pressing the Cross button.

Repeat 1 content item icon Play one content item repeatedly.
Repeat all content icon Play all content repeatedly.
No display Clear repeat play and play all content in order.


Play content in a random order.

Music > Using the control panel