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PlayStation®Store overview

To use this feature, you may be required to update the system software. On-screen images and navigation controls differ in certain countries and regions.

PlayStation®Store is an online store inside PSNSM where you can purchase games, game add-ons, and other content. You can also download the latest free trial versions of games and promotional videos.

PlayStation Store screen. Labeled 1 through 3 starting from the top.


Shopping cart
Displays a list of content items that are in your cart. To delete the content item in the cart, select the item, press the left button, and then select Delete.


View Downloads
Displays a list of downloaded (purchased) content items. If you select Download, you can re-download content items that were downloaded in the past.


Redeem Codes
By redeeming a PSNSM Card number or promotion code, you can add funds to the wallet for your account or exchange a promotion code for content items.


  • PSNSM and PlayStation®Store are available only in certain regions and languages. Also, types of products and services that are provided vary depending on the country or region of residence. For details, contact the technical support line for your region.
  • To download content items (as a purchase or for free), you must create a Sony Entertainment Network account and accept the user agreement. To create your account, go to (Sign Up) under (PlayStation™Network).
  • Note that you can only access PlayStation®Store for the country or region associated with your account.
  • Some content downloaded (purchased or for free) from PlayStation®Store can only be used by activated devices, such as PS3™, PS Vita or PSP™ systems. For details, see (PlayStation™Network) > (Account Management) > [About system activation].
  • Some content from View Downloads cannot be re-downloaded.

Purchasing content items

You must add funds to your wallet to purchase products and content. On the purchase confirmation screen, select [Add Funds] and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation. A confirmation message is then sent to the e-mail address you chose as your sign-in ID when you created your account.


  • Note that when you select [Buy Now] without enough funds in your wallet to complete the purchase, then if you have credit card information on record for your account, funds will be added automatically.
  • For details on a wallet, see (PlayStation™Network) > (PlayStation®Store) > [Using the wallet].
  • To change your sign-in ID, go to (PlayStation™Network), and then select (Account Management) > (Account Information) > [Sign-In ID (E-mail Address)].
  • To check the record of transactions and funding operations that occurred on your account during a specified period, go to (PlayStation™Network) > (Account Management) > (Transaction Management). For details, see (PlayStation™Network) > (PlayStation®Store) > [Checking PlayStation®Store usage].

PlayStation™Network > PlayStation®Store overview