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About What's New

Using the What's New feature, you can see the latest information from PlayStation®Store and check the content that you played recently. When you select an item under [What's New], you can view detailed information about the item.

What's New screen. Labeled from the top, Recommended items, Recently played content, New information about PlayStation products.

Icons that are displayed with content items

Internet browser icon Start the Internet browser to view a Web page.
PlayStation Store icon Access PlayStation®Store.
Video icon Play video.
Game icon Start a game by pressing the START button.


  • To view the latest information, check that the PS3™ system is connected to the Internet. For details on network settings, see (Settings) > (Network Settings) > [Internet Connection Settings] in this guide.
  • To download products (as a purchase or for free) from PlayStation®Store, you must first create a Sony Entertainment Network account.
  • The content that is displayed varies depending on the country or region where you access PlayStation®Store.

PlayStation™Network > About What's New