Types of Playable Discs

Depending on the PS3™ system model, some types of discs will not be playable. For information about compatible media types, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the documentation supplied with your system.

About PlayStation®2 format discs and Super Audio CDs

The table below lists the PS3™ system models that can play most PlayStation®2 format discs, as well as all Super Audio CDs.

Sales Region Model
Japan CECHA00, CECHB00
U.S.A. / Canada CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHE01
Latin America CECHE11
Europe / Australia / New Zealand CECHC02, CECHC03, CECHC04, CECHC08
Korea CECHE05
Hong Kong / Taiwan / Southeast Asia CECHA12, CECHB12, CECHE12, CECHA07, CECHB07, CECHA06, CECHE06

Information about backward compatibility

Even if your PS3™ system can play PlayStation®2 format discs and PlayStation® format discs, you may notice they play differently than they did on their original hardware. In some cases, the discs may not work at all. You can visit your region's Web site to view more information about backward compatibility.



U.S.A. / Canada / Latin America



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New Zealand

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Hong Kong / Taiwan / Southeast Asia