Playing PlayStation®2 format software

At PlayStation™Store, you can download PlayStation®2 format software for PS4™ systems and play it on your PS4™ system.
For details on downloading and basic gameplay, see "Playing a downloaded game".

Controller assignments

When you start a game, the controller used to start the game is assigned to the player. The light bar will glow blue. When there is a second controller, it will glow red.

  • To switch controllers, select [Power] > [Switch User] on the quick menu.
  • The PS4™ system supports only two players for PlayStation®2 format software, even if the original game allowed more players.

Button assignments

Use the controller's touch pad to emulate the SELECT and START buttons used in games for the PlayStation®2 system.

SELECT button Click the left side of the touch pad button.
START button Click the right side of the touch pad button.

Switch Discs

You might need to switch virtual discs for PlayStation®2 format software that was originally provided on multiple discs. If a message appears asking you to switch discs, select [Switch Discs] on the quick menu.

Viewing the software manual

Your PS Vita system can connect to your PS4™ system for use as a second screen. The second screen feature is also available for your smartphone or tablet when (PS4 Second Screen) is installed. Use the second screen feature to view the game's software manual.
For details on how to connect your device, refer to the user's guide for the PS Vita system or to the instructions supplied with your smartphone or tablet.