Basic functions

You'll need to download the Media Player from PlayStation™Store before you can play content and view your photos. Select (Media Player) from the content area or (Library), and then select [Download] from the screen that appears.

Playing content


Select (Media Player) from the content area.
Connected USB storage devices or media servers that are on the same network as your system will be detected and automatically displayed.

Select the USB storage device or media server.
Select the content that you want to play.
  • Press the PS button while music is playing, to start a game, use the Internet Browser, or use other applications while continuing to listen to the music in the background.
  • To pause playback, adjust the volume, or change other settings while playing content, select [Media Player] on the quick menu.
  • Background music during gameplay is not included in video clips.
  • Some languages are not supported in Media Player.
  • For information about connection to your media server, refer to the instructions supplied with that device.