Enable HDMI Device Link

To activate HDMI Device Link for remote control of your TV, select (Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox for [Enable HDMI Device Link]. If you're using a Sony TV, it must support BRAVIA™ Sync.

  • Features that can be used with BRAVIA™ Sync vary depending on the TV model. For details, refer to the instructions supplied with your TV.
  • Even with this setting enabled, Device Link functionality might not be available in these cases.
    • When using certain features such as when playing a game or a video.
    • When the TV's input is switched.
  • BRAVIA™ Sync (Control for HDMI) is a feature that enables interoperability of connected devices using the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) specification, which is part of the HDMI specification. Sony devices that support Control for HDMI will support this feature. Products developed by other companies that support the CEC specification might be operable using Control for HDMI, but there is no guarantee that all features are compatible with these products.