Video Playback Settings

To configure the output and language defaults for videos, select (Settings) > [Video Playback Settings].

Output at 1080p/24 Hz

Configure video output settings.
The default setting is [Automatic]. The format will automatically change to match the TV in use.

  • Your TV and AV receiver must support the 1080p/24 Hz video format. For details, refer to the instructions supplied with the device you use.
  • The video being played must support the 1080p/24 Hz video format. In general, commercially available BD-ROM video software that indicates “1080p” as the recording mode (such as on the software package) is recorded using the 1080p/24 Hz video format.
  • If video does not display correctly when [Automatic] is selected, change this output setting to [Off].


Choose which audio and subtitle languages are prioritized for video playback.

Blu-ray Disc™ Data Management

Data related to some Blu-ray Disc videos might be saved on your PS4™ system. Check to see if any data related to Blu-ray Disc videos is saved on your PS4™ system.

To delete the data from your system, press the OPTIONS button on the data list screen, and then select [Delete]. Delete data if there is not enough free space in system storage when playing BDs.

Allow Internet Connection for BD-LIVE

Enable Blu-ray Discs to connect to the Internet while they are playing.
Select the checkbox to enable the Internet connection. This setting is available only for Profile 2.0 (BD-Live) BDs.