Downloading a game

You can download games (as a purchase or for free) using any of the methods listed below.There are two types of games that can be downloaded for use on the PSP™ system. One type can be played only on the PSP™ system, and the other type can be played on both the PSP™ system and the PS3™ system. For details about game types and compatible systems, refer to the information provided in PlayStation®Store.

(PlayStation®Store) on the PSP™ system     

For details about downloading content, see (PlayStation®Network) > (PlayStation®Store) > [Downloading (purchasing) products] in this guide.

(PlayStation®Store) on the PS3™ system

For details about (PlayStation®Store) on the PS3™ system, refer to the online user's guide for the PS3™ system.

PlayStation®Store on the "Media Go" application installed on a PC

For details about the "Media Go" application (a Sony Network Entertainment International LLC product), select here (

Starting downloaded games on another PSP™ system

To start a game that was downloaded (purchased) from (PlayStation®Store) on another PSP™ system, that PSP™ system must be activated. If a message indicating that activation is required is displayed when the game is started on the PSP™ system, activate the PSP™ system. For details about device activation, see (PlayStation®Network) > [Managing account information] in this guide.


To perform device activation, you must use the PlayStation®Network account that was used to download the game.

Playing a game on both PSP™ and PS3™ systems

If the downloaded game is compatible with both PSP™ and PS3™ systems, you can play the game on both systems. To play the downloaded game on the PS3™ system, sign in to PlayStation®Network using the same account you use on the PSP™ system, and then select (PlayStation®Store) on the PS3™ system to download the game.

For details about copying saved data from the PSP™ system to the PS3™ system, see [Playing games downloaded from PlayStation®Store] > [Saved data from PlayStation® format software] in this guide.