Remote play menu     

Pressing the PS button (HOME button) during remote play will display a menu.

PS Button Emulates the functionality of the wireless controller PS button. *1
Quit Remote Play Quit Remote Play

Select either [Quit and Turn Off the PS3™ System] or [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3™ System] *2.
Connection Status Displays remote play connection status information.

This is not supported when the PS button is pressed for two seconds or longer.


If the PS3™ system is performing a function such as copying or downloading a file and you do not want to turn it off, you can select [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3™ System].

Making settings related to PSP™ system buttons

Assign Buttons Selects the PSP™ system button to be used as a PS3™ system wireless controller button.

Select from two available assignment types.
Communication Settings Sets the response speed of the PSP™ system buttons.

Either select a combination of response speed and image quality from five different types or use [Custom] to set the options individually. *

If [Response Speed] and [Image Quality] are set to their maximum values, the response speed will be faster and the image quality will improve, but skipping may occur in the video or audio.