External Video Output  

You can output PSP™ system video to a TV using a video output cable (sold separately). Select a cable compatible with the TV in use.

Video output cable types

Cable type Input connector on the TV Video output
Component AV cable
Component VIDEO IN connectors
S VIDEO cable *2
S VIDEO connector
AV cable *2
VIDEO IN connector (composite)

Video from PlayStation® format software can be output using any video output cable that is compatible with the PSP™ system (cables sold separately). Video content in other formats can only be output using a video output cable that supports progressive video. Limitations on video output may exist on other types of video content besides game software.


Progressive video cannot be output.


Outputting to a TV


Connect the PSP™ system to the TV using a video output cable (sold separately).

Example: Connecting the PSP™ system to a TV with component video input connectors


Adjust the video input setting for the TV.
Set to the input connectors in use.


Turn on the PSP™ system, and then press and hold the display button on the system front for at least 5 seconds.
Video from the PSP™ system will be displayed on the TV.

Clearing video output

To clear video output, press the display button again.