Parental Control Level

Some UMD™ software have a preset parental control level based on the content. You can set the parental control level on the PSP™ system to restrict the playback of a UMD™ with a level that is higher than that set on the system. The parental control level of the system can be either turned off or set to one of 11 different levels.

Off Turns off parental control
11-1 Sets the level of content to be restricted. A setting of [1] is the most restrictive; [11] is the least restrictive.

The combination of the parental control levels of both the PSP™ system and the UMD™ determine whether a UMD™ can be viewed or not. The combination of the two levels is displayed in the table below.

Example: If the parental control level of the system is set to [9], a UMD™ with a level from [1] to [9] can be played on the system.

Parental control levels on games

The parental control settings described for UMD™ apply also to games and downloaded video content, if the content supports parental control.

Parental control settings for games vary depending on the region where the games are sold. For details, visit the SCE Web site for your region. Depending on your country or region, some software manuals may contain information about these settings. Parental control levels vary depending on the game.

For details on parental control levels on downloadable video content, contact the content provider.