Controlling with buttons on the system

In addition to touch operation, you can also control your system using the buttons on your system.
When you are on a screen that supports button control and you press a button, a cursor appears.

You can disable button control under (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System].

Button control examples

Controllable features vary by application and the screen that is displayed.

Directional buttons/Left stick Select an application or an item
Cross button Confirm the selected item
Circle button Cancel operation
Circle button (Press and Hold) When the LiveArea™ screen is open, peel the LiveArea™ screen
Triangle button Display the option menu or the control panel
L button/R button When the LiveArea™ screen is open, switch between the home screen and the LiveArea™ screen
  • The cursor is hidden after a few seconds. Press any button to display the cursor again.
  • Tap the screen to switch to touch operation. If you want to use the buttons on your system again, press any button. A cursor will appear on the screen and button control will be enabled.
  • You will not be able to control some features with buttons.

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