Touch operations, and sensing orientation and motion

In (Welcome Park), have fun learning the basic operations and features of your PS Vita system.

Touch operations

Your system is equipped with a screen (touchscreen) and a rear touch pad. To perform various operations, make these gestures with your fingers:

(Tap) Touch lightly with your finger and then raise your finger.
Tap to select an icon or an item.
(Double tap) Tap twice in a row.
(Drag) Touch and then move your finger while still touching.
Drag to scroll up, down, right and left.
(Flick) Touch and move your finger rapidly while still touching.
Flick to quickly scroll up, down, right and left.
(Touch and hold) Touch and keep touching.
Touch and hold for some operations, for example, to enter edit mode for the home screen.
(Pinch in/pinch out) Touch with two fingers and then move your fingers closer together or further apart.
Pinch inward to make things smaller on the screen. Pinch outward to make things larger on the screen. Use pinch in and pinch out in applications such as (Browser) and (Photos).

You might not be able to operate the screen or rear touch pad correctly, or your operations might be interfered with and might cause an application or your system to operate in an unintended manner, if you are:

  • Wearing gloves or touching with your fingernails.
  • Holding your system with your fingers or other objects touching the screen.

Sensing orientation and motion

Your system has motion sensors to sense the tilt and motion of your system and an electronic compass to sense the orientation of your system.

  • Do not swing your system around. This might result in accidents or injuries.
  • A message appears if it is necessary to adjust the compass. Adjust the compass by following the on-screen instructions.

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