Browser Using bookmarks and the browsing history

You can bookmark web pages you might visit again or visit frequently.

Adding bookmarks

On the page for which you want to add a bookmark, select (Options) > [Add Bookmark].
Confirm the content, and then select [OK].

Opening a bookmarked web page

Select (Bookmarks).
Select the bookmark for the web page you want to open.

Organizing bookmarks

You can organize bookmarks by editing the names and addresses of bookmarks, changing the order of bookmarks, deleting bookmarks, and creating folders. Select (Bookmarks) > (Options), and then follow the screens.

Changing the order of bookmarks

Select (Bookmarks) > (Options) > [Sort].
Drag (Move) for the bookmark you want to move to the desired location, and then select [OK].

Viewing the browsing history

Web pages that are opened are automatically saved in the browsing history. You can open a web page from the browsing history without entering the address.

Select (Bookmarks) > [History].
Select the web page you want to open.

Six days of browsing history are saved.

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