Calendar Creating a calendar

You create a calendar the first time you use the (Calendar) application. Select (Calendar) > [Start] > [Initial Setup], and then follow the screens to create the calendar.

Types of calendars

The calendar saved on this system This is a calendar that you can create as necessary. You can enter a name for the calendar, and use them to sort events into different categories.
Events Related to PlayStation®*1 This is a calendar for which you can set categories of events related to PlayStation® that you want to receive information about. This service is only available in certain countries and regions, and in certain languages.
Calendar Services*1 This is a calendar you can sync with Google Calendar*2.
Events are synced within a certain range of time.
Calendars on Google Apps cannot be synced.

Calendar services and the Events Related to PlayStation® service might be ended by their providers.

Manage Calendars

You can add or delete calendars, and adjust which calendars are displayed. Select (Options) > [Manage Calendars] on the calendar screen.

Adding a calendar

You can create multiple calendars. Select [Add Calendar], and then follow the screens.

Editing a calendar

You can change the names and colors of calendars that you created. Select (Options) for the calendar you want to edit, and then select [Edit].

Adjusting which calendars are displayed

Select the checkboxes of calendars that you want to display.

Deleting a calendar

Select (Options) for the calendar you want to delete, and then select [Delete] or [Unsubscribe].

  • If you delete your Google Calendar account, any information and events tied to that account that were saved on the memory card are deleted.
  • To delete all the calendars, select (Options) > [Settings] > [Format Calendar Application Database] on the calendar screen.

Sync with Calendar Services

You can sync any calendar services you set up and Events Related to PlayStation® with the Calendar application. Select (Options) > [Sync with Calendar Services] on the calendar screen.

Adjusting how the calendar screen is displayed

You can adjust the default view for the calendar screen when you start (Calendar), and select which day the week begins on. Select (Options) > [Settings] on the calendar screen.

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