Calendar Creating an event

Select (Calendar) > [Start] > (Create new), enter the necessary information, and then select [OK].

Create new Event screen. Labeled A through G starting from the top.

A )
Starts/Ends/All Day
You can set the times and dates that the event starts and ends.
B )
C )
Select this to receive a notification for an event. When you enable this feature, a notification message appears in the upper right corner of your system's screen at the time you set.
D )
When you enter a place, (Browser) is displayed on the event detail screen. Select it to start the Browser application and search for that place.
E )
If you have multiple calendars, select which calendar to save an event to.
F )
Select this to add an application or game related to the event. This is useful for situations such as planning to play a specific game.
G )
You can add friends or other players you have played with. After you add players and select [OK] to save the event, a confirmation message is displayed about sending the event to the players. Select [Yes] to send the event using (Messages).

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