Email Sending a message

To send a message, select (Create Message), enter the required information, and then select [Send].

Create Message screen. Labeled A through H starting from the top.

A )
Recipient type
Select to choose [To], [CC], or [BCC].
B )
Recipient field
Select to enter an email address manually.
C )
(Contact List)
Select to select an email address from your contact list. For details, see "Adding or deleting a contact".
D )
(Add a recipient)/ (Delete a recipient)
Select to add or delete a recipient field.
E )
If you have added more than one email account, you can select here to change to another email account.
F )
G )
(Attach a file)
Select to use the PS Vita camera to take a photo, or attach an image saved under (Photos). Select the attached images to view or delete them.
H )
Up to 4096 characters can be entered.
    • If you select (Close) while you are creating a message, a confirmation screen appears asking you whether you want to save the message. Select [Save] to save the message as a draft.
  • The number of messages that you can send at one time varies depending on the email service you use.

Replying to or forwarding a message

When the message you want to reply to or forward is displayed, select (Reply/Forward) and follow the screens. The original message content will be quoted when you reply or forward the message.

Setting up a signature

You can insert a text signature automatically when you create a new message. Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Signature], enter the text, and then select (Back).

Including your email address in Bcc

Your email address can be automatically included in the Bcc field when you create a new message. Select (Options) > [Settings] and select the [Add My Email Address as Bcc] checkbox to set a checkmark.

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