Photos Getting the most out of your photos and videos

Copying photos and videos

You can copy photos and videos from a PS3™ system or computer (such as Windows/Mac) to your system or vice versa using (Content Manager).
In Gallery, display the photo or video you want to copy, and then select (Options) > [Copy].

Searching PlayStation®Store for information related to images

You can search PlayStation®Store for information relating to screenshots from games and other images.
Display the image you want information about in the Gallery, and then select (Options) > [Find in PlayStation®Store].

With some images, you might not be able to search for information. In these cases, this menu item is not present.

Trimming photos

You can remove the edges of a photo so that you can save only the part that you want to keep.
Display the photo you want to trim in the Gallery, and then select (Options) > [Trim and Save]. Enlarge, shrink, or move the photo until the part of the photo you want to save is inside the frame, and then select [Trim and Save].

The trimmed image is saved with a different name.

Sharing photos

You can share photos and other images saved on the memory card with your friends by using (Messages) or by using (Email). In Gallery, display the photo you want to share. Select (Options), and then select either [Send Using [Messages]] or [Send by Email].

Using an image as the system start screen

You can use photos and other images stored on the memory card as the start screen for your system.
In Gallery, display the photo you want to use for the start screen and select (Options) > [Use as Start Screen].

To change the default image for your start screen, select (Settings) > [Start] > [Theme & Background] > [Start Screen].

Renaming folders

You can rename copied folders on your system.
Select (Folders) in the list of categories, then select the folder you want to rename. Select (Options) > [Edit Name] to rename.

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