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Applications such as (Photos) have features that can use data about your current location.
When you use an application that can use location data, a dialog appears that asks you whether you want the application to use location data. The applications that can make use of location data appear in a list.
If you select [Use Location Data] to remove the checkmark, you can disable use of location data in all applications.

  • This feature cannot be used in some countries and regions.
  • You cannot specify that your system can use location data if the use of location data is restricted in (Parental Controls).

Obtaining location data

3G/Wi-Fi models

  • Your system can obtain location data using data from detected Wi-Fi access points, GPS satellites and cell phone base stations.
  • Connecting to the Internet lets your system obtain location data about detected Wi-Fi access points and cell phone base stations, shortens the time it takes to get location data, and makes it possible to get location data even in places where your system cannot receive GPS signals.
  • Your system must be connected to the Internet over a mobile network to use the data from cell phone base stations.
  • To obtain location data via GPS, go to an open-air location outside a building where interference will be minimal.

Wi-Fi models

Your system can obtain location data using data about detected Wi-Fi access points. Your system must be connected to the Internet to obtain location data.

Obtaining location data using data about detected Wi-Fi access points

  • To obtain location data about detected Wi-Fi access points, your system must be connected to the Internet.
  • Your system obtains location data using information from Wi-Fi access points in the vicinity. When location data is obtained, your system downloads Wi-Fi access point information from a broader area and saves it on your system. If you are within the area of the data that has been saved, your system can calculate your location quickly even if it is no longer able to connect to the server.
  • If you are outside the area of location based services, your system might not be able to obtain location data.
    To view the coverage map for the service, select the following link:

GPS features (only on 3G/Wi-Fi models)

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system that enables you to know your location by using the satellite navigation system of the United States.
When obtaining location data using the GPS feature for the first time, or when it has been a while since the last time the GPS feature obtained location data, it might take several minutes to obtain the location data and calculate your location. If your system does not obtain location data from GPS satellites and calculate your location after several minutes, move to a new location with a better view of the sky and try again.

  • When using the GPS feature in foreign countries, obey the regulations of the country or region where the system is being used.
  • Do not use this device as a navigation device for an aircraft or ship, or for mountain climbing. Doing so could cause an accident, because the system might be unable to determine your position due to measurement errors that can occur, or because its battery is running out of charge.
  • In the following cases, your system might be unable to receive radio signals from GPS satellites, might not calculate your current location accurately, or the uncertainty of the calculated location might be large:
    • indoors, underground, in a tunnel
    • near tall buildings
    • there are things around your system or it is in a backpack
    • in a dense residential area or in a city center
    • in a dense forest or surrounded by trees
    • near a high-voltage power line
    • in bad weather
  • Depending on the time of day or the environment within which you calculate your location, the location might not be displayed correctly, or an error may occur in the location data.

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