About Communities

Communities are places where you can find players who have similar interests and preferences. You can play games or have parties with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests within that Community.

A child who is restricted by parental controls might not be able to create, view, or join Communities.

Community members and their roles


When you create a Community, you're the owner. As the owner, you can manage members and change settings for games featured in the Community.


As a moderator, you can act on the owner's behalf and change the name and image of the Community, or post messages of the day. The owner can select any member from the Community to become a moderator.


When you join a Community, you become a member.

Creating a Community

Select (Communities) from the function screen.
Select [Create a Community].
Enter a name for your Community.
Select a game that your Community will focus on.
Select an image and background.
Configure settings such as time zone and language.
After you've created the Community, you can select players that you want to invite, and then send invitations to those players.
  • The community that you create is made public to all players, not just the players you invite. Players can also join the community without the owner's invitation or approval.
  • To delete a Community, select (Community Settings) > [Community Management] > [Delete Community].

Joining an existing Community

Select (Communities) from the function screen.
Select the Community that you want to join.
Select [Join Community].
  • To leave a Community, select (Community Settings), and then select [Leave Community].
  • To report inappropriate Community names, images, or descriptions, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Report].