To set up a DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller or a PlayStation®Move motion controller, select (Settings) > [Devices] > [Controllers].

Volume Control (Speaker for Controller)

To adjust the speaker volume of the DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller, use the left button or right button on the controller.

Enable Vibration

The vibration function is normally enabled. To disable it, clear the checkbox for [Enable Vibration].

When you clear the checkbox for [Enable Vibration], the controller does not vibrate even when you enable the vibration function from within a game.

Brightness of DUALSHOCK 4 Light Bar

Adjust the brightness of the light bar.

Communication Method

CUH-ZCT2 series controllers can communicate with your PS4™ system via a USB cable.
This setting appears only when you’ve previously connected a CUH-ZCT2 series controller to your system.