Date and Time

Select (Settings) > [Date and Time] to set the date and time, as well as the display format.

Date and Time Settings

Set Manually

Manually set the year, month, day, hour, and minute (and AM and PM when using the 12-hour clock). The clock will start from the minute you set, at 0 seconds.

Set Using Internet

When you select the checkbox for [Set Automatically], date and time information is automatically acquired from the Internet and set when you sign in to PlayStation™Network. When you want to set the date and time immediately, select [Set Now].

Time Zone

Set the time zone that will be the basis for the date and time display.
When you select the time zone, the currently set date and time will change to match the selected time zone.

Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically

Your PS4™ system automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. To disable this feature, clear the checkbox for [Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically].
This setting is available only if the region set under [Time Zone] is one that implements daylight saving time.

Date Format

Set the order of the year, month, and day as they appear on the screen.

Time Format

Set the format for time as it appears on the screen (12-hour or 24-hour display).