Using the touch pointer

The touch pointer feature allows you to use a controller to perform touch operations like you would on a PS Vita system.
To use the touch pointer, set a checkmark in [Use Touch Pointer in Games] on the screen that is displayed when you press and hold the PS button. You can use the touch pointer in supported games.

Displaying the touch pointer

There are 3 kinds of touch pointers.

  • For the screen
    Press the L3 button.
    Touch the touch pad. (for DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller only)
  • For the rear touch pad
    Press the R3 button.
  • For both the screen and the rear touch pad
    Press the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time.

Moving the touch pointer

Use the left stick or touch pad to move the pointer when it is displayed, and then press the L2 button to enter a selection.

You can also enter a selection by pressing the Cross button on a DUALSHOCK™3 wireless controller, or the touch pad button on a DUALSHOCK™4 wireless controller.

Using 2 touch pointers

You can use 2 touch pointers at the same time. When you move the right stick while a touch pointer is displayed, a second touch pointer appears. The second touch pointer is red. Move the second touch pointer with the right stick, and press the R2 button to enter a selection.

  • For details on the touch pad and touch pad button, see "Using a wireless controller".
  • Touch pointers cannot be used on the home screen or a LiveArea™ screen.

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