Basic operations

Select the icon for a game or other application on the home screen to open the application's LiveArea™ screen.
You can open the LiveArea™ screens for multiple applications and move back and forth between them.

You can open LiveArea™ screens for up to six applications at the same time, and go back and forth between the screens. When you open the LiveArea™ screen for a seventh application, the first LiveArea™ screen that you opened is closed automatically.

Screen transition diagram. Labeled A through C starting from the left.

A )
Home screen
The home screen displays icons for games and other applications. The home screen can have a maximum of 10 pages. You can change pages by moving up and down.
B )
LiveArea™ screen
The LiveArea™ screen for an application presents a number of features that relate to the application. To start an application, select [Start].
The application runs, using the full screen. You can go back and forth between the home screen and the open LiveArea™ screens by moving the screens right and left.
C )
Application screens
Press the PS button to return to the LiveArea™ screen.

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