Customising the home screen

In edit mode, you can customise the background on each page of the home screen, rearrange the icons on the screen and delete icons.
To enter edit mode, touch and hold somewhere on the home screen.

Rearranging icons

In edit mode, drag each icon you want to move to the desired location and then raise your finger.

Deleting icons

In edit mode, select the icon you want to delete and select [Delete].

  • Depending on the type of application, deleting an icon deletes the application and all of the data related to the application.
  • It is recommended that you copy or back up important data.

Creating a folder

In edit mode, select the icon you want to manage inside a folder and select [Create Folder].

Select the folder to change the folder name to a desired name.

Adding icons to a folder

In edit mode, drag icons over a folder you want to add them to.

  • A folder cannot be added within a folder.
  • Up to 500 icons can be displayed, including icons inside folders.

Removing icons from a folder

In edit mode, select a folder and drag the icons you want to remove outside of the folder.

If all icons are removed from a folder, the folder will be automatically deleted.

Customising the page background

In edit mode, select (Background Settings) in the lower right of the page for which you want to change the background. Follow the instructions displayed.

  • Themes are available only if you have specified a downloaded theme using (Settings) > [Theme & Background] > [Theme].
  • Before using a photo that you took or an image as a page background, use your computer to set the pixel dimensions of the photo or image to 960 × 544. This results in optimum display clarity.

Adding pages

In edit mode, select (Add a Page).

Controlling with the buttons on your system

On the home screen, press a button on your system. A cursor will appear on the screen. To enter edit mode, press the Triangle button while the cursor is displayed. Follow the screens to complete the operation.

To use this feature, you must select the (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] checkbox to set a checkmark to enable the setting.

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