Entering text

A keyboard appears when it is necessary to enter text or when you select a text-entry field. To enter text, select keys on the keyboard.
With some applications, as you enter text, suggestions for completing the text appear.

Keyboard screen. Labeled A and B starting from the top.

A )
Suggestions for completing entered text
B )

Delete characters to the left of the cursor. You can perform the same operation with the Square button.

(Line Break/Search/Send/Go)
Perform an appropriate action depending on the situation.

(Move the cursor)
Move the cursor to the left or right in entered text. When a keyboard is displayed, you can also move the cursor by selecting somewhere in existing text in the text-entry field. You can perform the same operations with the L button and R button.

(Enter uppercase letters)
When you select this key, the keyboard letters change to uppercase letters, and you can enter a single uppercase letter.
To enter a continuous string of uppercase letters, touch and hold this key and enter letters. Depending on the language (and associated keyboard), when you double tap this key, the indicator in the upper right lights up green and the Caps Lock feature is enabled. To clear the Caps Lock, select the key again.

Select this key to switch to a keyboard for entering numbers and symbols.

(Change character types)
Choose from alternative character sets.

Close the keyboard. You can perform the same operation with the Circle button.
  • The keys displayed vary depending on the language (keyboard).
  • In some languages (keyboards), some keys are not displayed.

Saving commonly used words

You can add terms to each language (keyboard) to be used for text entry.

Select (Settings) > [Start] > [Language] > [Input Languages] > [Keyboards/Add Terms] and select the language (keyboard) to which you want to add the term.
Select [Add/Edit Term].
Select (Options) > [Add Term] to add the term.

In some languages (keyboards), you cannot add terms.

Using keyboards for different languages

You can make multiple languages available for entering text. While entering text, you can switch back and forth between the languages (keyboards).

Selecting languages (keyboards) to be available for text entry

Select (Settings) > [Start] > [Language] > [Input Languages] > [Keyboards/Add Terms] and select the language (keyboard) that you want to make available for text entry.
Select the checkbox to set a checkmark for the desired language.

Switching between languages when entering text

When entering text, select (Switch Keyboards) on the keyboard.
The language for the keyboard currently in use appears on the keyboard.
Move the keyboard to the left and right to display additional available keyboards.
With the keyboard you want to switch to visible, select (Switch Keyboards) to switch to it.
The keyboard is switched.

Using an external keyboard

You can connect a Bluetooth® keyboard to enter text. When a text entry screen is displayed, press a key on the connected keyboard to use it.

For details on connecting a Bluetooth® keyboard, see "Bluetooth® Devices".

Key controls

You can use an external keyboard to control the system.

Arrow keys Select an application or item.
Enter key Confirm the selected item.
Backspace key Cancel an operation.
  • Key control might not be possible for certain features or applications.
  • The item focus is hidden after a few seconds. To display the item focus again, press a key.
  • Tap the screen to switch to touch operation.

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