Calendar Verifying an event

Select (Calendar) > [Start].

Calendar screen. Labeled A through C starting from the top.

A )
Select this icon to return to today on the calendar.
B )
(Event)/ (Month)/ (Week)/ (Day)
Select this icon to change the calendar view.
C )

Select an event to display a list of events. Next, select an event in the list to view the detail screen for that event.

Event details screen. Labeled A and B starting from the top.

A )
B )
Applications that are associated with the event are displayed. Select an application to start it and display information about the event.

Adding a favourite event

Select (Options) > [Add to Favourites] on the event detail screen. You can view a list of favourites by switching to the (Events) view and selecting the (Favourites) tab.

Editing or deleting an event

Select (Options), and then select [Edit] or [Delete] on the event detail screen.

Controlling with buttons on your system

Press the L button or R button to view the previous or next month, week, day, or event.

  • Operations performed with the directional buttons can also be performed with the left stick.
  • To perform some button operations, you must select (Settings) > [Start] > [System], and then select the [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] checkbox to set a checkmark.

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