PS3 Remote Play Changing the connected PS3™ system

Register your system with the new PS3™ system you are going to use remote play to connect to.
Perform this procedure with your system near the PS3™ system or the access point.

On the new PS3™ system you are going to connect to, select (Settings) > [Remote Play Settings] > [Register Device] > [PS Vita System].
A number appears on the screen.
On your system, select (PS3 Remote Play) > [Start].
A screen appears where you can choose the method to use to connect to remote play.
Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Change Connected PS3™ System] > [Next].
Enter the number displayed on the PS3™ system's screen, and then select [Register].
When the devices connect successfully, a message indicating that the registration is complete appears.
Select [OK] on the PS3™ system.

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