Automatic Downloads and Uploads

You can set whether to enable automatic downloads and uploads while the PS4™ system is turned on or in rest mode. Select [System] > [Automatic Downloads and Uploads].

Featured Content

The system automatically downloads recommended content from PlayStation®Store.

System Software Update Files

The system automatically downloads system software update files. If you set a checkmark in [Install Automatically], the system will automatically install update files that were downloaded while in rest mode.

Application Update Files

The system automatically downloads update files for games and other applications.

Saved Data

The system automatically uploads saved data.

  • You can also specify for each game whether to automatically upload saved data under (Settings) > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Saved Data in System Storage].
  • To use the features with the (PlayStation®Plus) mark displayed next to them, you must subscribe to PlayStation®Plus.
  • To download and upload while in rest mode, you must set a checkmark in (Settings) > [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode] > [Stay Connected to the Internet].
  • To manually download any application updates, press the OPTIONS button while the application is in focus in the content area, and then select [Check for Update].