Maps LiveArea™ screen for Maps

Select (Maps) on the home screen to open the LiveArea™ screen for Maps.

A )
Search history
A maximum of six history searches for locations and directions is displayed. Select an item in the search history to search for the location or directions again, and to view the result of the search on a map.
B )
Action icons
Select an action icon to perform the action assigned to the icon in the Maps application. For details about the action icons, see "Using the screens".
C )
Select the gate to start the Maps application.
  • When the LiveArea™ screens of multiple applications are open, move the screen left and right to go back and forth between LiveArea™ screens and the home screen.
  • When on the LiveArea™ screen, press the PS button to view the index screen, on which you can view a list of open LiveArea™ screens.

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