Maps Searching for directions

Enter a starting point and an ending point to search for a route between the points and to get directions to reach the destination.
Select the icon in the upper left corner of the screen to select (Search for Directions). Then, enter keywords or addresses in the text-entry boxes for both the starting point and the ending point and select [Search]. The most direct route appears on a map for the selected means of transportation.

A )
(Search for Directions)/ (Search for Location)
Select this icon to switch between search types.
B )
(Walking)/ (Driving)
Select an icon to select your means of transportation. The search for directions is performed again, using the selected means of transportation, and the most direct route appears on a map.
C )
Search Box
Select (Bookmarks) to select a starting point or ending point from the list of bookmarks.
D )
(Show List)/ (Hide List)
Select this icon to show or hide a list of directions points.
If you display a list of direction points and select [Show Full Route], the entire route appears on the map.
E )
(Starting Point Flag)
F )
(Directions Point)
Select a direction point to display detailed directions for the point in the information box.
Select (Next) or (Back) to move to the next or previous (Directions Point).
G )
(Ending Point Flag)
H )
Information box
Select [Show Starting Point] when it is displayed to view the direction points to the destination one at a time.

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