near Viewing your discoveries

Select (Discoveries) on the [Out-and-About History] screen to view a history of your discoveries in "near", including such things as the numbers of people you have encountered and game titles you have discovered.

A )
Item list
Displays a list of the items you have discovered. Select an item to view detailed information about a game item and a screen on which you can download the game item. Select the game icon next to an item to view information about games in which you can use the game item.
B )
Select (Settings/Help) to set your range of information sharing and to view a description of the screen.

Receiving items

To download an item, select (Download button) on the detailed information screen for the item.

  • Items can be automatically downloaded for each game. To set up, select (Settings/Help) > [Game Good Settings] > [Game Good automatic download settings].
  • Up to 100 items can be downloaded. After 100 items, items that were downloaded on the older dates will be deleted in order. To keep the items, select (Lock). Select the icon again to unlock.

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