near Out-and-About history

When you go out and take your system with you, "near" obtains information about events for the place where it got location data and displays the events. The following screen appears when "near" starts:

A )
update button
Select the update button to get the most up-to-date location data and send it to the servers, and gather information about your vicinity.
B )
Event list
Acquired events are displayed in chronological order. Select the update button, to get the most up-to-date information about your vicinity.
When you select an event, the Out-and-About radar screen appears.
Depending on the game title, the following icons might appear.
New game title
Displayed when people in the vicinity are playing a game you don't know.
Top title
Displayed for titles that are quickly gaining in popularity among players in the vicinity.
C )
Select to display information of items you have collected. You can view and download items that you have found.
D )
(Out-and-About Chart)
Select this icon to view the aggregate ranking for games played by players in the vicinity of all locations in the Out-and-About history.
E )
Select (Settings/Help) to set your range of information sharing and to view a description of the screen.

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